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Culture is one of the foundational things that build a community and a nation. Without this, people will not have an identity rooted in humanities, traditions and philosophical values. That’s why it’s important to actively keep this in the consciousness of the community and the people who live in it. 

Asca strives to be the institution to push the advocacy forward for the betterment of the civilians living in this town. Join the movement for elevating culture into the daily lives of everybody by signing up with our organisation. 

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Various cultural events in Asca

Asca celebrates various cultural events year-round to provide the people within the community an outlet to learn artistry, history and culture. Here are some of the events that you can look forward to when you become a member:

Performing Arts

Artistic exhibitions

Local and international art should be celebrated. This can help the community learn the value of paintings, sculptures, performance art and various other artworks firsthand. Having regular exhibitions is part of the advocacy of spreading the goodness of art to many people and making works accessible. 

Asca also wants to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their works. Contact the team to find out how you can be part of the exhibitions in the coming year. 

Theatre performances and performance art

Art isn’t just about static exhibitions, it’s also about honest performance created by human movement and expression. This kind of art evokes emotions and fuels thoughts with questions and introspection. 

Be part of the theatre community and performance art as a performer or audience. Check out the schedule of showings and exhibitions to know when you can catch these jaw-dropping performances. 

Cultural festivals

Immerse yourself in art celebrations here at Asca! Several cultural festivals are held year-round that feature local art, performances and artistic products. These events are organised by Asca with the help of volunteers and local artists. The goal is to reach out to the community and let the people be part of the artistic movement towards the future. 

Street festivals

Celebrations don’t end at the Asca building. The team is more than happy to reach out to every corner of the community by holding street festivals that feature art and performances by local artists. It’s similar to cultural festivals but instead of doing it in the comfort of a confined space, the festival is held on the streets of the city. 

This aims to reach several people that would otherwise not attend social gatherings in a formal setting. Moreover, the celebrations are more laid back so that people can simultaneously learn and enjoy their time. 


Art symposium

Learning about art can be hard if there are no proper channels that will explain the concepts. Asca brings art symposiums for all members and outsiders to join. This is free of charge and can help the community learn more about specific artistic concepts from the lenses of an expert. 

Symposiums are formatted to focus on a single topic from a variety of angles from an educated perspective. This also encourages the audience to participate by asking questions at the end of the session. 

Artistic courses

People are interested in art but there are limited platforms for them to showcase their talents or to even learn and hone their skills. Asca aims to bridge the gap between art and the community by offering free artistic courses open for everybody. 

From music and performance to traditional 2D art, courses will be offered regularly throughout the year. Check out the schedule and announcements by the team for more information regarding these activities. 


Similar to a symposium, workshops often involve an expert showcasing their knowledge on a specific topic related to art. The difference lies in how the sessions are conducted. Workshops often have hands-on demonstrations followed by activities that the audience can engage in. 

This is perfect for people who are visual learners and need hands-on experience to learn about the craft. It’s also a good way to learn more about the techniques of the art form that they are interested in. 

Panel discussions

Even in the art community, discourse is a vital part of building the foundations and expanding knowledge of culture. That’s the importance of panel discussions. Here at Asca, different experts are invited to talk about a specific topic with a socially relevant problem. 

The panel will discuss their opinions and experiences about that topic to shed light on it. People, both Asca members and outsiders are welcome to join in on the discussion. Check the schedule to find out when the next panel discussion will take place.

Awarding ceremonies

It’s important to give praise to local artists who contribute to the community’s art scene. Whether they’re professionals or self-taught striving artists, they deserve the recognition that a cultural body like Asca can provide. 

The awarding ceremonies are held twice a year for traditional art and performance art. To submit your application for an award, please contact our team so that we can help you out. The application process starts at the beginning of the year. You can pass the application up until a month before the awarding ceremony commences. 

Why are there cultural events?

Communities need cultural events to widen their perspectives on life and experiences. This also allows them to express themselves artistically even if they are not artists themselves. 

There are several reasons why cultural events are important for the community’s collective  consciousness. Knowing these reasons can help give the person a better understanding of the world and the people around them. 

Here are some of the reasons that you should always keep in mind:

National identity and pride

Ask any historical experts and they will tell you that no society can exist without a culture. This is a building block that contributes to the collective identity of the community and this also helps establish norms and values that the people adhere to.

With culture, community members get to develop their identity and pride. Learning all about that is as important as understanding math and science because it’s intrinsically part of a person’s identity. 

Moreover, culture can also unite people from different backgrounds and social standing. This gives the nation a chance to rise above tribalism and internal divisions. 

Improved learning for those who seek it

Culture should be taught in schools the way sciences and theories are explained. This is because it also offers something that the other subjects outside humanities can provide. It improves the cognitive functions of a person leaning towards empathy and social awareness. 

Learning about culture also improves the lives of people. The value of holding the culture together for the betterment of society is a noble cause. That’s what the Asca association is gearing towards. 

Peace among people

Cultural festivals can be a source of unity for people of different backgrounds. Peace, harmony and unity are vital in making these events possible and that’s what the Asca team wants to impart to society. 

Continuous participation from the people within the community can help foster this peaceful environment. It can also be a building block for helping bring the people together no matter who they are or where they came from. 

Health and wellbeing

Culture is also a vital part of a person’s overall health and wellbeing. The celebrations that exalt creativity and artistic expression rooted in culture and national identity are known to improve a person’s mental and physical health. 

Not only does it promote a healthy way for a person to express themselves, but it’s also a means to help avoid isolation and identity crises that can contribute to mental instability. Just having an outlet can be of great improvement when it comes to this kind of thing. 

Job creation and artistic support

Art should not be taken for granted because it’s a good source of inspiration that can fuel economic growth. Now’s the time to stand up for art and advocate for jobs that are related to culture. With events and local government interventions spearheaded by artists and Asca, the chance of producing more jobs can increase. 

Artistic support should also be put into the limelight since local artists and struggling creators need not suffer from a lack of funding. If cultural events and interventions are held, the more chances for artists to get the right support they need to make a living out of their works. 


Culture isn’t just about the artwork from local and international artists. It’s more about showcasing the identity of the locality to support the community as well as attract tourists to learn more about the city. 

Tourism is also a viable source of income for the local government to fuel the economy and provide more income for those working in the art scene. 

Although, culture should not be seen only as a mere tourism gig because it’s more than that. Having the right balance with community identity and tourism plans can help elevate the city as well as the cultural consciousness of everyone in the community. 

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Be part of the cultural revolution and help the community build its identity and collective consciousness with Asca. Joining the organisation is free of charge. All you have to do is pass your application form and a representative will contact you about it. 

If you have any more questions about what the organisation can offer, please feel free to contact the team through the official channels. You can send a message through email and social media as well as call the hotline number.