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Enjoy Indian culture to the fullest here at ASCA!

Living life to the fullest and making the most of every opportunity you have is essential. Lots of people bury themselves in work and no longer care about other things like culture, nationalism and joining a community of others. With these issues in mind, ASCA was born. 

We at ASCA have noticed that lots of people nowadays are very immersed in technology and their personal gadgets. There are times when people can lose touch with other things in life like sports, culture, exercise, music, food and so much more. This is why we decided to open our association here at ASCA to turn things around. 

Our mission began several years ago when we were able to acquire the permit for a portion of land in New Delhi. At the time, we only had a budget to create a building with offices, conference rooms and suites. It was quite limited, but the small number of members and staff that we had made it all worth it. 

Luckily, the land areas around the initial structure were for sale, so it gave us the chance to expand and improve over the past few years. Before we knew it, ASCA was able to build a swimming pool, open a few luxury villas and expand the building with gyms and tennis courts. It was the kind of success that we have been dreaming about for the longest time. 

What to expect with an ASCA membership

If there is one thing that you can expect from our humble community at ASCA, it’s the fact that we have a lot of people who rely on us. These people come to our facilities to unwind, bear witness to various events and just appreciate what Indian culture has to offer. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously, so the well being of our guests is the top priority.

Another thing that you can expect with an ASCA membership in quality surroundings, amenities and facilities. Conference rooms, bars, tennis courts, suites, a gym and swimming pool are just some of the things you can enjoy as a member. 

Lots of different events and promotions are up for grabs throughout the year as well! These benefits are all for members to enjoy, so be sure to register now if you haven’t already! Trust that it will be an excellent experience and a choice you won’t regret. 

If you ask us, working with others who share the same ideas and passions in life is an amazing experience. It strengthens relationships and allows you to become better as a person and a citizen. Who knows, you might even find some lifelong friends during your time here in ASCA. Be a member today and join us to experience all of these benefits and more!